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Srichakra Scientifics Private Limited is a pioneer in the field of environment friendly LED based Lighting solutions in India. Incorporated in 2002, it manufactures a diverse range of LED products, consisting of Bulbs, Street Lights, In-door Lights, High bay Lights and Decorative Lighting, apart from LED based Phototherapy machines, catering to different consumer segments. It is an R&D driven organization focusing on cost effective, energy efficient, eco-friendly and green products and is fast emerging as a dominant player in the domestic market for lighting devices. Srichakra’s products are known for their innovative, modern and aesthetic designs, underpinned by practical technology, ensuring reliability and durability.
Srichakra has demonstrated its expertise in OEM design space by effortlessly customizing its products as per its customers’ requirements. These products cater to first time customers to advanced business lights and high performance lighting devices for tailor made applications.
Srichakra has been working closely with operators in United States of America, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean manufacturers to increase the geographical coverage and lower the total cost of ownership for consumers. We reiterate and dedicate ourselves to the continual development of the green products and the eco- friendly products and build a better world to live on.

Save energy.. Save the world...

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